How to Connect to EVE-NG Hosted LAB?

Once you have purchased an EVE-NG Hosted Service, we will provide you with the dedicated Remote Desktop session (RDP) with your credential. (video)

How to save EVE-NG labs Configuration

Cisco: “copy run start
Juniper “commit
Your current work will be saved in the nodes’ NVRAM and the lab can be stopped safely. Starting the lab again will allow you to pick up from where you left off.

How to access the internet from EVE-NG Hosted Server nodes?

Note: we have managed cloud 1 in the eve-ng hosted server to let you access the internet from eve-ng nodes, and the allowed range is, and the default gateway is, which is the eve-ng cloud 1 (pnet1) interface. For more information, please watch the below video.

How to connect to management nodes interface in EVE-NG Hosted Server?

Note: do not use cloud1; cloud 1 is configured for access nodes internet

Note: The below videos are from external sources.
How to Use EVE-NG?

EVE connecting nodes and creating the first lab

EVE How to operate with initial configs?

EVE Features Design labs mapping nodes with custom topology