How to install EVE-NG LAB Full Pack in VMware Workstation (short video)

How to Native telnet console management setup?

If you prefer to use a natively installed telnet client to manage nodes inside EVE, follow the steps below:

download eve-ng windows client integration pack

NOTE: if after installing eve-ng client pack you have a problem connecting to nodes like Cisco router or Asav! you may need to install windows telnet client like the link below and try again.


How to Enable Virtualization on BIOS PC and EVE-NG VM


  • You must enable Virtualization to run Qemu Node on VM.  
  • You have to make sure Virtualization is enabled in your BIOS

Note: For Windows 11, you should allow Virtualization in BIOS, but you also have to go into Windows Features and manually disable security features prohibiting Virtualization. You have to „untick“

1. Go to Control Panel → Programs → Enable or disable Windows features.
2. Uncheck all the features of Windows Hypervisor.
3. In the Windows search bar, search for “core isolation” and open it.  
4. In the core isolation settings, disable memory integrity.

You can find the details on this link.  How to disable Hyper-V on Windows for BlueStacks 4 – BlueStacks Support

How to know Virtualization is enabled on EVE-NG with Putty

SSh to eve-ng with putty and use the below command👇

grep -cw vmx /proc/cpuinfo

if the Output is Zero means virtualization is not enabled (screenshot1) if more than Zero (screenshot2) means virtualization is enabled.

Note: if it’s Zero you need to shutdown your PC and enable virtualization on your Bios PC or Laptop

How to access the internet from EVE-NG LAB Full Pack nodes?

Note: Although you can use bridge or management network in eve-ng to let eve-ng nodes access the internet, we have managed cloud 1 in the eve-ng full pack to let access the internet from eve-ng nodes, and the allowed range is, and the default gateway is, which is the eve-ng cloud 1 (pnet1) interface. For more information, please watch the below video.

How to download EVE-NG images from EVE-NG Full Pack in your computer? (short video)


How to fix the SHA Digest of the file doesn’t match the manifest, VMware workstation 16?
  • First, try to upload the eve-ng full pack to another disk drive (SSD recommended) and not a USB external drive
  • Source drive where you deploy eve-ng VM should not be the same as Destination where the VM located
  • Make sure you have at least 150GB of free space (where you deploy OVF file)
  • extract downloaded part 1 and 2 with 7zip and try uploading again
  • delete .MF file and try upload again
  • You can fix this issue with VMware OVF Tool Have a look at this link or download the PDF format of the link

None of the above? Are you downloading with Internet Explorer? If so, you might try using a different browser. Use either Firefox or Chrome to download files because IE corrupts them so often.

What EVE-NG network setting should I use in case of a WIFI adapter in my computer?

You need to select the NAT option in the EVE-NG VM Network setting 👇

VMware Workstation
Use the below setting for the MAC WIFI adapter 👇
VMware Fusion
How to solve VMware fusion does not support virtualized performance counter on this host?

go to the menu “Virtual Machine” -> settings -> Processors & Memory -> open Advanced options and then make sure the following checkboxes are unchecked:👇

Enable Hypervisor applications in this virtual machine
Enable code profiling applications in this virtual machine

For more information visit this link

How To upgrade EVE-NG Full Pack to a Pro Version

Please first don’t say you have bought the eve-ng full pack from us, and say this is what you have deployed it and needs to upgrade to a pro version because “they accustomed to saying that this is a scam when you say I bought it from someone else.” With that said, you can ask them to upgrade the eve-ng full pack or swap your existing eve-ng pro licence to eve-ng full pack (if you already have a pro licence)

For some reason, maybe you cant upgrade to the eve-ng pro, don’t worry; you can download all qemu images from this path –> /opt/unetlab/addons/qemu/ and copy all images with Filezilla or WinSCP client and upload all images to the existing eve-ng pro. For more information, please watch the two videos on how to download and upload images from the eve-ng full pack.👇

If you need to upgrade your eve-ng community (full pack) version to the pro version!

Please see the link below


Here are the steps, as per the link above you need to go to this path in your eve-ng full pack using Filezilla or WinScp: /opt/unetlab and then copy these three folders into your computer (the paths mentioned in the screenshot) and then you need to install the fresh eve-ng pro and after you have licensed it, copy all these three folders in the same directory from your computer to the eve-ng pro –> /opt/unetlab (screenshot below)

Then there will be one step, you need to generate iol license for your iol nodes like the instruction below
IOL images stop immediately after few seconds!
  • First, you can select other images from the image box when you edit the router or switch (R1, R2…); please see the screenshot below.
  • Second, Although we have generated a licence for the IOL nodes in the eve-ng full pack in some cases, you need to generate a new licence to make those nodes start normally. If you need to know how to generate a new licence, please watch the below video.
How to generate a license for IOL nodes in eve-ng

Alternatively, download the file below, then extract it, and copy the extracted two files in the /opt/unetlab/addons/iol directory by FileZilla or WinSCP and then go to eve-ng pro shell console and go to the same directory by ” cd /opt/unetlab/addons/iol and apply the fix permission command.

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