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  • Get an accurate understanding of the platform.
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Experience Our World-Class Platform

Dynamips Offers EVE-NG Cloud Hosted Services Trial. We have one “EVE-NG Large” Dedicated  Instance.


What's included in the trial?

You will get a hosted instance of EVE-NG Large Scale, which can run 20-30 IOS router topology or a full-blown CCIE and SD-WAN topology. Check out our pre-built topologies when you start your session. EVE-NG Trial has 16 CPUs and 64GB of memory.

How Long is the Trial?

Your trial session will be for 24 hours.

How Do i start the trial?

Please fill in the form below, and after you have successfully scheduled your trial, you will get an email from our Support group, which will contain all the information on accessing your eve-ng hosted lab server.

What do I do once I have access?

You would have access to a dedicated EVE-NG Public Server. for more information, visit the link below.

PDF & Video instruction

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    EVE-NG (Emulated Virtual Environment) is the platform where technology meets the demands of a virtual and seamless emulation platform. This is our Choice of Platform.