How to enable virtualization on EVE-NG & GNS3?👇
  • You must enable Virtualization to run Qemu Node on VM.  (screenshot1)
  • You have to make sure Virtualization is enabled in your BIOS. (screenshot2)
Process of enabling it in the BIOS (there might be different based on your bios version but overall is the same)👇
Enable virtualization on ESXI
eve-ng virtualization
How to verify virtualization is enabled on EVE-NG with putty SSH

SSh to eve-ng with putty and use below command👇

grep -cw vmx /proc/cpuinfo

NOTE: if the output is 0 means virtualization is not enabled (screenshot)👇

if more than 0  means virtualization enabled (screenshot)👇

How to solve GNS3 VM KVM Support False

Error Detail: turn off KVM support in the gns3_server.conf by adding enable_kvm = false to the [Qemu] section